Currency Exchanging Basics

Quotes and Trading Amounts
Quotes and trading between two currencies can be calculated based on an amount of either the desired to currency, or the from currency.

Example: If you wish to exchange EUR to USD, calculations can be made based on the desired USD-amount to obtain; or from the EUR-amount that you wish to receive in USD equivalent.

Available Currency Crosses
The API offers partners an end-point for available currencies based on where you want to send funds from. Over time, November First expands the available currencies and countries.

Payment Creation
The payment creation function will create a payment through the API, that will be sent for approval. The payment can be visualized and approved by the approver in the November First portal. After the payment is approved, it will be automatically executed. Trading can be done on future dates, but if no date is provided it will assume today's date as default value.
Payment Execution
This will only be available for approvers that have a private integration with November First. After calling the payment creation function, it is possible to execute payments through the API by calling the execute step. Payments can also be executed in one go by using the instant trade function.

Fees cover transport of funds to the recipient. Fees are always quoted in the from currency. Calculating amount on the from currency (sell action), the sender has the option to either include or exclude transport fees in the amount that forms the basis for calculating the to currency amount.

Example: DKK to ZAR carries a (transport) fee of DKK30, that per standard will be added on top of the total settlement amount liable to the sender. The fee is included in the settlement amount, while a specification of the settlement amount (exchange amount + fee) is found in the API response.