November First provides a simple and powerful API to integrate cross-border payments into your business or application.

The November First API is organized around REST. The API has predictable, resource-oriented URL's, and uses HTTP response codes, and authorize using OAuth2 in connection with a Partner ID token. API security framework is OAuth 2.0. Request and response messages are in XML & JSON format.

To make it as easy to explore the November First API, we provide a sandbox environment to play around in. Requests made in the sandbox never hit the banking networks and incur no costs.


The November First payment API only works with accounts that have payment initiation enabled, therefore your customer has to have a bank account created and with a NETS Overfførsel integration enabled.

All payments created by a partner will ALWAYS go through the November First approval flow process, this means that a partner cannot execute payments through the Payment API, only create them so they will be executed internally by the allowed November First users.