Onboarding status is the different stages the customer’s account verification goes through during sign-up.

Pending: The account creation is initiated, from the UI or via POST v2/signup, but the Contact Person has not verified their e-mail. The Contact Persons must click on the "Verify email" button in the e-mail received and continue the sign-up process.

CustomerVerifyingData: The Contact Person has verified their e-mail, but has not filled/confirmed all the information.

AwaitingCustomerInformation: Participants have been invited to submit information or accept terms, but haven't done it yet. You can see the information missing in the GET v2/customers/registrations

CustomerReadyForValidation: The account admin has filled in and confirmed all the information. November First Compliance Person 1 is now validating the information submitted.

CustomerReadyForApproval: November First Compliance Person 1 has verified all submitted information and November First Compliance Person 2 must now approve the account.

Completed: The customer account is now approved and ready to make payments.

Rejected: The customer’s account is rejected by the compliance department.

Blocked: The customer’s account has been inactive and the account is blocked and cannot make payments.