A payment webhook is a POST url delivered by the API partner to November First. Calls to the payment webhook is triggered every time there is a change in:

  1. Payment Status
  2. Approval Status

Calls to the Payment webhook is delivered in this format:

"{\"CustomerCVR\":\"28860633\",\"PaymentReference\":\"1TYY9IDKTBC\",\"PaymentStatus\":\"Pending\",\"ApprovalStatus\":\"Pending\",\"CustomerNumber\":\"208100006\",\"RecipientName\":\"Jonas Test\",\"ToAmount\":200.0000,\"ToCurrencyCode\":\"ISK\",\"InitiationStatus\":null,\"IsSepa\":false,\"FeeSharingType\":\"Shared\"}"

IMPORTANT The webhook object has a Payment Status with extra options. The options are described below:

Pending: Payment Created but not ready to be paid.
Scheduled: Payment to be paid at a future date.
AwaitingCustomerPayment: Payment executed and awaiting the customer funds to our account.
AwaitingTransfer: Payment ready to be sent to the recipient.
Completed: Payment sent to the final recipient.
TradeReverted: International payment canceled.
TransferForbidden: Payment cannot be sent because the recipient is restricted.
Canceled: Payment canceled by November First or customer request.
PendingApproval: the payment is pending approval.
Approved: the payment has been approved and ready to be paid.
Rejected: the payment has been rejected by an approver.
PartiallyApproved: the payment needs additional approvers.

The description of each field of the webhook is described below:

CustomerCVRThe CVR of the customer.
PaymentReferenceThe reference of the payment.
PaymentStatusThe WEBHOOK PAYMENT STATUS, please dont confuse it with the PaymentStatus. the values for this field are described above.
ApprovalStatusThe Status of the Approval, with values: Initiated, Approved, Rejected.
CustomerNumberThe november first customer number.
RecipientNameThe name of the recipient of the payment.
ToAmountThe amount to be send to the recipient.
ToCurrencyCodeThe currency of the "ToAmount" field.
InitiationStatusThe Payment initiation status, with values: Initiated, Sent, Accepted, Rejected.
IsSepaA boolean field in case the payment is within the SEPA region.
FeeSharingTypeThe fee sharing type of the payment:

The API partner can provide a generic webhook url which receives calls on all payments created through the partners' integration, or the partner kan include the webhook in the "WebHookUrl" string field when the partner creates payments.