Payment Validation Errors

When you create a payment November First will perform the necessary validations, if the payment is invalid the call to our API will fail with an HTTP Error 400 Bad Request.

in the body of the error we will send a json object array with the following structure:


The Global keyword indicates that is an error for the whole payment record.

The possible Error codes and there meaning are described in the following table:

InvalidCurrencyfrom or to currency not supported.
InvalidBICthe provided bic is invalid, probably a wrong format.
MissingBankAccountprovided recipient bank account is missing
MissingRecipientNameprovided recipient name is missing
MissingRecipientAddressprovided recipient address is missing
InvalidEmailAddressprovided email address for notifications is missing.
UserCreditLimitExceededthe user credit limit has been exceeded.
Only relevant for private integrations.
CustomerCreditLimitExceededThe customer account credit limit has been exceeded.
CurrencyCrossNotSupportedThe from and to currencies provided are not supported.
InvalidCountryCodethe recipient country code provided is invalid.
SEPA_CannotPayRecipientFeessepa payments do not pay recipient fees.
SEPAPaymentRequiresIBANsepa payments require an IBAN number.
IBAN_CountryMisMatchthe iban and bic are not for the same country.
EmptyAccountNumberthe account number sent is empty.
InvalidIBANthe provided IBAN number is invalid.
InvalidDanishAccountthe danish recipent account is invalid. Must be 11 or 14 digits long.
CannotObtainQuoteinternal error, not quotes can be provided. Please contact November First if the problem does not get solved.
TransactionDateNotSupportedThe provided payment date is not supported.
CannotObtainCurrenciesInternal error regarding currencies, please contact November First.
Bic_CountryMisMatchThe country code from the BIC and IBAN do not match
NonNetsLocalPaymentThe provided sender bank account does not have NETS Overførselservice enabled.
FromCurrencyDifferentFromPayerBankAccountCurrencyYou must use the same currency as the provided sender bank account, for the time being is only DKK because of NETS Overførselservice
InvalidFIKOCRLineThe provided FIK Ocr line is invalid.
BankAccountIsNotNetsBankAccountThe provided sender bank account does not have NETS Overførselservice enabled.
PaymentRequiresApprovalYou cannot try to execute payments that require approval.